Braided Breadsticks

My favorite thing to eat in the whole entire world is BREAD. It is also the thing that I can thank for my belly…but when you see this recipe, you will see why I couldn’t resist. I got the recipe for braided bread from this blog. She did hers on the grill, but since I don’t have a grill, my oven had to suffice. The bread turned out great! Here’s the recipe…and here is a tip from the original baker: “If you don’t know how to braid…then…well, then just do twists instead. Or ask the nearest 10-year-old girl for a lesson.”



Pizza dough (I made my dough in a bread machine but you can buy dough from the grocery store)
Olive Oil
Fresh Rosemary
Butter (My addition to the recipe)


Dice rosemary and garlic and whisk in a bowl with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Cut three equal pieces of dough off your main ball of dough and roll them out until they are long, thin strands on the cutting board. Try to keep the strands an even thickness and not too thin or they will tear. Sprinkle with flour and roll them out.

Join the three strands at one end by twisting together—enough to hold them together as you braid

Once braided, slather each breadstick in olive oil mixture

Bake at 375 degrees (or grill) until golden brown.

A few minutes before my bread was done, I brushed it with melted butter and let it continue to bake for about 2 more minutes.

delicious…bread…TRY IT!

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