Egg in a Basket

So this recipe isn’t not difficult at all, it’s just fun and looks cute. When I was searching online for this, I found that lots of people started making this because of some scene in the movie “V for Vendetta.” I’ve seen that movie, but don’t remember that scene, so I guess I’ll have to go back and watch again. Anyway, the other thing I found online is that there are tons of names for this ‘technique’, but I like Egg in a Basket the best!

Here’s how you do it! Take a piece of bread and make a hole in it. You can rip a hole with your hands or use some sort of cookie cutter to do this. I have a heart and a star cookie cutter, so I used that. Unfortunately, the star didn’t work out as well — I think that there was not enough space for the egg to spread out into the shape, so it just ended up in a blob on top of the toast…not really in the shape of a star.

So after you have your hole(s), butter one side of the bread and lay it face down into a warm pan. Next, crack one egg into each hole and let it cook. You want to keep the heat kind of low so that the egg cooks through and the toast doesn’t burn. You could also flip the toast over if you really want your egg to be fully cooked, but then it won’t look as cool. It’s up to you!